PVC imitation marble profile line

Use equipment: PVC stone plastic lines / PVC stone plastic flooring, also known as stone and wood floor, most is a sheet material is a kind of high-quality, high-tech research and development of new ground material, the natural stone powder as the main raw material to constitute high density, high fiber network structure of solid base, coating on the surface of the polymer characteristics of PVC resin, after the plastic extrusion molding machine for water transfer or surface treatment processing and.
Production type: SJZ51/105,55/120,65/132,80/156 conical twin screw extruder
Equipment Description: Hwan new presses the conical twin screw extrusion stone plastic product lines lifelike in appearance, super wear-resistant, bright surface and not smooth and nontoxic, wear, scratch resistant, but also non slip, waterproof, fire, and so on. A homogeneous and composite structure 2. Of the thermoplastic of homogeneous transmural stone is lines / stone plastic flooring is made of PVC and marble powder additive processing floor, this floor stain resistance, wear resistance is poor, single color, poor dimensional stability, but the price is low is widely used. Composite type of stone plastic lines / stone plastic flooring multilayer structure, and the surface of the UV treatment, color, stone plastic layer and base layer, wear-resistant flooring, stain resistance, dimensional stability are good in homogeneous transmural stone plastic flooring, and variety of colors, rich, currently on the market and decoration like floor. Main raw materials: PVC resin, natural stone, and more than ten kinds of toxic substances in raw materials and.

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