HDPE Large Dia. Water/Gas Supply Pipe Production Line

HDPE Large Dia. Water/Gas Supply Pipe Production Line
Product and parts of HDPE Large Dia. Water/Gas Supply Pipe Production Line

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Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Features & Advantages of HDPE pipe production line: Pipes produced by this machine has the moderate rigidity, strength, as well as good flexibility, anti-rot, anti-stress split, and favorable hot melting, make this large diameter pipe considered as the prefer product for water and gas transportation system in cities.

It is applicable for high speed extrusion of PE,PP,PB,PERT,ABS etc. This extrusion line is of beautiful appearance, high automation degree, stable and reliable manufacture. It is generally welcomed by vast consumers. This HDPE pipe production line is the finest choice for replacing imported extrusion line.


Main technical parameters


Production pipe range(mm)

Extruder Marked line extruder Traction speed (m/min) Production capacity (kg/h)


PT-50x30-63 Ø20-Ø63mm PT-50x30 PT-25X25 0.3-12 120 65 36 X2.2 X2.5m
PT-65x30-125 Ø20-Ø125mm PT-65x30 PT-25X25 0.3-12 220 110 56 X2.2 X2.6m
PT-80x30-160 Ø63-Ø160mm PT-65x30 PT-30X25 0.3-6 300 150 50X2.2 X2.8m
PT-80x30-250 Ø75-Ø250mm PT-80x30 PT-30X25 0.5-5 400 200 52 X2.2 X3m
PT-90x30-400 Ø160-Ø400mm PT-90x30 PT-30X25 0.2-2 550 280 66 X2.2 X3m
PT-90x30-500 Ø200-Ø500mm PT-90x30 PT-30X25 0.1-1 700 360 70 X2.3 X3.5m
PT-100x30-630 Ø355-Ø630mm PT-100x30 PT-30X25 0.1-1 800 450 72 X2.3 X3.5m
PT-120x30-800 Ø400-Ø800mm PT-120x30 PT-45X30 0.05-0.5 1100 560 76 X2.5 X4m


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