WPC Wood-plastic extrusion line

WPC Wood-plastic extrusion line
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Brief introduction

The specially-designed screw barrel, mold and extruding machine production of wood-plastic products processing production process. Extruder Single twp mix of direct extrusions, granulation after the two-step method can also be squeezed out, energy-saving, space-saving, high yield, extrusion pressure is stable, warm hosts feeding machine placed at the top, first out of large part of the wood powder in the remaining water, to enrich the host feeding section; plastics compounding effect is good and so on. Optimized the use of screw design to make cutting small, easy to cut the wood fiber material can stay in the machine evenly. Screw barrel double metal processing, wear corrosion, significantly longer service life. The production line can produce PE, PP or PVC wood-plastic profile products, mainly is used for trays, box board, flooring, outdoor decorative materials, use very extensive. Wood flour and add the amount of plant fiber high (up to 50-75%); equipment is adaptable, can simultaneously process PP, PE, ABS, PS and so on.


Main technical parameters

Model Max yieldkg/h Production speedm/min Powerkw Machine Lengthm
PT51 60-120 0.5-2 65 16
PT65 80-200 0.5-3 85 18
PT80 150-300 0.5-4 120 20


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